Am i infected

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Dear All,

I don't know if my computer is infected ...... I have problem with most of
the buttons from Yahoo mail (delete/ reply/ download attachments....) I
tried to scan with Norton and it found nothing.... anyone has this problem
before or whoever can help that please give me a hand and reply to my email.
Many many thanks!


Re: Am i infected

Phil wrote:

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Which browser?

Without further details, I'd guess you're using Internet Explorer. Clear
the browser's cache and history, and offline files. Then try again.

Following that, try a different browser. Firefox and Opera are both very
good, modern and secure. /

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Not likely a virus. Much more likely the rather common problem with IE
stuffing itself due to an oversized cache.

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Re: Am i infected

Hi Philip - Most AV's don't do the best job (or in some cases, any at all)
with regard to 'malware' which is what I would suspect to be your issue.
There are a number of very good anti-malware programs which are specific to
this stuff.  See my Blog, Defending Your Machine, addy below in my
Signature, and follow the steps outlined there.

Second, it's possible, even likely that your Norton AV is itself causing
interference with your other programs.  Non-commercial Norton/Symantec c**p
is notorious for such interference, especially with major system programs
and with doing installs.  (Symantec's commercial products and their virus
and malware removal tools are first class, however, and Recommended.)

Try cleaning up your machine using the programs/steps I identify in the Blog
and then post back with your results, please.

Regards, Jim Byrd, MS-MVP/DTS/AH-VSOP
My Blog, Defending Your Machine, here: /

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Re: Am i infected

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most of
attachments....) I
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my email.


Yahoo have been responding erratically for a few days now.
Sometimes I press a button and the response is immediate, sometimes
it's 10's of seconds.
It's as if the pressing or the response sometimes (about 1 in 10)
takes the wrong route.
If I try again I can get an immediate response and about 1 in 10 get
lost again.
If I wait the ones that are lost normally turn up.
I was told it was yahoo struggling with a flood of viral emails, but
I'm not sure now.


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