Am I having problems with Avast?????

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I installed Avast Home Edition 4, 7, 997, 0 a couple months ago and it
caused major problems.

It moved a lot of files (about 80 files) to the Avast4\DATA\moved
folder. Subsequently, the computer was almost not functional. I guess
I authorized it to move the files but never considered that it maight
not keep a log that would allow me to restore the files if necessary.

I had to include the \Moved folder in the Path to get the computer to
work again. It now works but Internet Explorer is now so slow that it
usually times out before loading a page. When a page does load it
often takes 10 minutes for a simple html page without scripting. I'm
using dial-up networking on this computer.

Email and usenet seem to work as before the Avast debacle but web
browsing is screwed. I've checked everything that I can think of but
have not been able to restore to the pre-Avast functionality.

Any help will be gratefully received.

Thank you,


Re: Am I having problems with Avast?????

"don81846" <NoFreakinSpam> wrote in message
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Right. It usually gives a reason why it would want to do such a thing. What
did that reason say?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Without knowing why it wanted to move all those files,  or some idea what
they are, it's a little difficult to offer much constructive advice. Perhaps
if you checked the AVAST log viewer (right click the tray icon in the bottom
right hand corner of the screen to be offered this option quickly) some of
these mysteries might be cleared up, including the one about whether or not
AVAST keeps a log.

Sorry if I sound a little jaded, but starting with the title of your post:
"Am I having problems with Avast?", to which the only possible answer is "If
you don't know, how can you possibly expect us to?", you've asked for a lot
of help while sharing very little of what the problem is.

If you went to your doctor and asked "Am I having medical problems" and
proceeded to mention how you felt "all funny" a couple of months ago, have
felt "slow" ever since and "feel all hurty around the everywhere", what sort
of response would you expect?

Re: Am I having problems with Avast?????

On Tue, 11 Sep 2007 20:25:36 GMT, "Robert Moir"

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I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I believe that I did give a lot
of information.  

With a bit of deductive reasoning you could infer that Avast believes
the files are infected. The problem occurred quite awhile ago so I may
not be able to remember every detail of the problem so . . . Avast
wanted to move each of approximately 90 files, one at a time, to "The
Chest" but when I tried I got a message that the RPC Server could not
be found. The alternative was to "Move" the files to the "Moved"


 - AAVM - initialization error: Aavm/RPC: RpcEpRegister
 - Error in aswChestS: chestStart Error 1899
 - Error in aswChestC: chestAddFile Error 1722

After reading your message I rechecked the Avast folder nest and found
Warning.Log. I don't know how I missed that it was a text file when
the problem occurred a couple months ago but I did.

As a software developer for almost 27 years I would have implemented a
log viewer for any action taken by Avast that would allow selective
restoration of moved files. It would be almost trivial to implement.
In fact, because there are so many of these files I'll probably write
one myself.

A helpful response would have been to suggest that I look for a text
file named Warning.Log. It would have been helpful to me and would
have saved you typing your lecture. Maybe you were having a bad day.

Thank you,


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