advice from Avira user?

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I had put Avast on my dad's laptop and it worked fine for a year but
has since at the end of a scan given a list of files and folders it
couldn't scan - couldn't 'find the file path'.  Rather than sort that
out, after reinstalling it twice to no avail (including uninstalling
and using a registry cleaner) I chose instead to replace it with

I've got a blind spot about its use I think.  The 8 or so profiles it
offers for scanning, is 'complete system scan' a profile that covers
everything?  Or do I have to use the rootkit scan option separately?
What happens differently if the scan is run as administrator?

The 'warnings' that come up after a scan, can I ignore those?  It
tells me of currently 5 Windows system files that it can't open during
a complete scan, and 58 during a root-kit scan.  No viruses etc have
been found.

Lastly, this program includes a firewall if I've understood right -
should I turn the Windows Vista firewall off therefore?

Seems like a good anti-virus program though, not a risky choice?


Re: advice from Avira user?

poachedeggs wrote:
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Complete system scan will scan everything. In the settings
for complete system scan, there is probably an option to
include rootkit scanning, but it is usually suggested to run
a root kit scan separately due to the amount of resources it
takes. Run as administrator is for if someone is logged in
on a non-admin account, you can give the program
administrator rights.

That reminds me, I'm not sure what OS he's running, but if
its Vista or higher, it might be worth it to run it as
administrator anyways. I know sometimes some software won't
install correctly for me unless I run it as administrator.
That might account for the files that cannot be opened
during the scan, but I'm not really sure.

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Yeah, thats just some information that can be useful. It may
mean something it may not. If you want to be extra safe run
the scans in safe mode just once to see if that will solve
the locked file issue for you.

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Yeah, it can cause some issues if you don't disable the
windows firewall. And the windows security center will
recognize Avira as the firewall and not complain.

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Not a risky choice in my book, its one of the better ones.
For a while Nod32 and Kaspersky were the big AVs out there,
but then Bit-Defender came along, which  is one AV I don't
like personally. Then Avira has come along lately and seems
like a pretty solid product.

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