AdAware Version (build) Update

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I just dl'd and installed the latest free version.
When you go to install it, it recognizes the older version (if installed) and
asks if you want to uninstall it.
I said yes and the uninstall took a couple of seconds. The install was almost as
The new version is faster and improved. You can see the new changes on the
LavaSoft website.

Re: AdAware Version (build) Update

I also downloaded the latest build, I just can't seem to get it to connect
using the webupdate field, I guess I have to configure the proxy settings,
which I didn't on the last version. Or maybe they just want the FREE version
user to go to the web page to download the zipp files as an added way to
sell the product.
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Re: AdAware Version (build) Update

Did you uninstall the previous version first??  Just a thought.


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Re: AdAware Version (build) Update

Heather wrote:
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During installation of the new version, it prompts you to uninstall the
old version - doing so uninstalls the previous version without you
needing to exit the installer.

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Re: AdAware Version (build) Update

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I know that......but some of the people on the MS news groups did it that
way and it froze.  Others removed it PRIOR to installing the new version and
it worked fine.  I would hazard a guess that it did not remove all of the
files when working within the update.

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Re: AdAware Version (build) Update

I did it both ways, first I ran the install program just to if it did have a
removal section and since it did I elected to install that way. Then since
the Webupdate won't update, (just says ERROR connecting to.......) I then
decided to do an install by first uninstalling Core version 1.05. I did a
system restore put the version 1.05 back on the desktop checked the
webupdate configuration, it worked just fine then did an uninstall using
Windows XP ADD /REMOVE. cleaned up the registry. Then Installed Ver 1.06 got
the same problem, So I'm back to the ver 1.05 it works great ver 1.06 seemed
to be very sluggish especially when I was using other programs.

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Re: AdAware Version (build) Update

Michael P. Bassler wrote:
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Out of interest I have used the new 1.06r1 version on five computers so
far and find it very much faster than 1.05. It also gives a clearer
results section. All  computers have significantly different
configurations and all  installed 1.06r1successfully after uninstalling
the previous version.

Possibly some problem on your machine?


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Re: AdAware Version (build) Update

Echy said ...
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For me, 1.06r1 was only faster because it was set to "smart system
scan" after installation.  On changing to "full system scan" it seemed
to take as long as ever (i.e. very long).

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