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Over the week-end my dad got a pop on his computer that looked like it
came from the Microsoft Security Center. Saying that his spyware
program is not getting all the spyware that is on to his computer and
to look into updating to another program. It listed off some programs
and one of them was Ad-Protect v 6.3. Well he thought the message
actually came from Microsoft and he bought Ad-Protect. Can anyone tell
me if they are using Ad-Protect and is it a reputable program? Or is it

more spyware that he bought?

Thank you,

Re: Ad-protect

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 From Spyware Warrior

Q/Note on Ad-Protect & Spy-Out:  Both of these programs were listed on
this page because they are  clones of products (Ad-Eliminator &
Spy-Control) that have been promoted through aggressive, spam-driven
advertising. Based on discussions with the vendor for Ad-Protect, which
insists it is a different company than the entity responsible for
Ad-Eliminator and Spy-Control, it appears that Ad-Protect and Spy-Out
are being independently developed and have not themselves been promoted
through the same means and methods as Ad-Eliminator and Spy-Control.
Thus, we can no longer consider Ad-Protect and Spy-Out to be
"rogue/suspect" anti-spyware./Q


Re: Ad-protect

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