A new virus on the loose with political ambition?

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Hi people,

I've got this rather nasty problem with some sort of a virus/trojan and
I don't know how to get rid of it because is seems not yet known by all
major AV-companies.

According to those 2 pages it's a variant of the Raila virus but that's
about all I know.


McAfee is installed with the latest updates and Windows should also be
up to date.

The user got the problem this morning after signing in to MSN but did
not download any file and she has knowledge about what to do and which
files to trust.

This thing now hijacks most important programs and is using 100% CPU
time. You can't run the task manager anymore, can't turn on hidden files
anymore (the Folder options in the control panel has been hidden and the
menu in Explorer is gone too, and running the control panel extension in
system32 does not work either), running regedit restarts the laptop,
searching does not work and if you try to peek in some folders you get
kicked out of Windows (either with command line or Explorer).
And it does not matter if you're in Safe mode or not, so this really sucks!

And every 20 minutes or so you get a popup saying you should vote for
Kibaki or something like that (which is apparently the president after
the elections in 2002 and a candidate now).

She had however an infection a few days ago with Raila (but McAfee was
able to get rid of this) so probably these are related...

Raila is also a candidate btw:

What should I do?


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