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My question is quite short. It is simply: Is there actually any way I
can help myself? To explain, I am a sociopath.

I am twenty years old, living in England. I had a normal upbringing in
a good household. It dawned upon me quite suddenly when I was at the
funeral of someone 'close' to me (a man I definitely respected and
liked) and I noticed that as everyone was sad, I felt nothing. I
didn't feel anything evil, but simply nothing. Looking back on it, I
basically faked being sad (in a kind of stoical way because I couldn't
cry) because it felt like that is how I should be.

I was reminded of a program on Anti-Social Personality Disorder I'd
seen a bit of, and I did some research online. I am by no means a fool
and it did not take me very long to diagnose myself as a sociopath;
the evidence was quite resounding.

These were the things that apparently makes up a sociopath that I
immediately identified with:

I am a compulsive liar, a proficient thief, a good manipulator and
actor with a sharp tongue, people regularly call me arrogant, I
dislike authority, I am constantly compulsive, I used to terrorise my
animals as a child. The best one I read was 'may actually state that
their goal is to rule the world', something I've done many a time.
There were others, but you get it.

Anyway, all I can find is help for people dealing with sociopaths,
most of which starts and ends with 'get away from him and stay away'.
I've also noticed phrases similar to 'a sociopath cannot be helped
because he never wants to be helped because he always feels self-

But given that sociopaths are meant to often be of high intelligence,
and I am by no means stupid, I do not think that the above quote can
be correct, because it suggests that sociopaths are always so self-
righteous that they are naive to what they actually are.

However I, alone, have identified what I am and I understand that I
have a complete lack of empathy, and have never loved another human.
It's funny to think that I've only just realised I am a sociopath, yet
stating that I have never loved in my entire life sounds like
something that would be hard to miss. I'm not sure I can describe in
words what I thought of myself before I had this online epiphany, but
needless to say, this realisation has changed how I think of myself
and the world; It's like I'm having an internal philosophical

I am undecided whether being a sociopath is a good thing or a bad
thing, given that I don't believe I've experienced the 'normal' way of
things. However, all I am wondering is if there is a way that a
sociopath can 'learn to love', or at least to change at all, or am I
destined to pretty much not care what happens to anyone else for the
rest of my life?

I am truly intrigued to see the response, if I get one.

Thank you,

- ---------
Dr. Says:
Judging from your letter, your self-diagnosis of sociopathy may be
correct. The list of traits you used to reach your diagnosis touches
nearly all the points of the commonly understood definition of
sociopathy. Nevertheless, in my estimation (others disagree) the real
test, and singular criterion for making a diagnosis of sociopathy
(psychopathy) requires asking only one simple question: is that person
capable of feeling guilt? If the answer is yes, she should not be
diagnosed as a sociopath, no matter how reprehensible her behavior. If
the answer is no, that person probably is best understood as a
sociopath, no matter how exemplary his behavior.
- -----

Remember, Children, how many times Raid/Dustbin has said he feels no
remorse for what he has done - and still does - with threats, toward

Catch the last few words up there...if they don't feel guilt that
person best understood as a sociopath, no matter how exemplary his

And remember, we have only Dustfart's word that he has changed.

The word of the biggest liar on Usenet.

Tell us again, Duckfart, how you have "changed".

Oh, you stopped writing/passing viruses.

And we, of course, are going to believe the biggest liar on Usenet? Sure.

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