A few registry keys will allow XP to update itself via Windows Update until the year 2019...

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A simple registry tweak is enough for WU to show the latest POSReady
updates on Windows XP. This method has been tested and works on any XP

Add the following registry keys:





Or use notepad to copy the following and save as .reg file and run it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





Restart your computer, and make sure WindozeUpdate service is running.  
You will see there are updates for you to install!  And your XP PC will
continue to recieve MS patches until the year 2019.

This is for 32-bit XP.  There is a different method for 64-bit version
of XP (by spoofing Windows 2003 server).

This trick works because for the purposes of WindowsUpdate, it makes WU
think you're running POS2009 (Point Of Service 2009) which is basically
XP for cash registers and other "point-of-service" PC's.  Microsoft
provides update support for POS2009 until 2019.

Re: A few registry keys will allow XP to update itself via Windows Update until the year 2019

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Virus Guy that's a nice trick. But are fixes for POS2009 always  
suitable for XP? I mean, aren't those two operating systems going to  
have some differences? Just wondering.

Jax    :)

Re: A few registry keys will allow XP to update itself via Windows Update until the year 2019

Virus Guy scribbled...

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Really ?


I just wanted to give a quick reminder that mainstream support for  
Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 ends July 8, 2014, per the Microsoft Support  
Lifecycle Policy.  Details on the migration path and next generation POS  
solution for Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 customers will be provided  
prior to the end of mainstream support.

Re: A few registry keys will allow XP to update itself via Windows Update until the year 2019

fred wrote:
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Yes, Really:


Windows Embedded POSReady 2009
General Availability: December 9, 2008
(Not listed: Mainstream support: April 2014)
End of Support: April 9, 2019
End of License: February 11, 2024

You've got to understand that Macro$haft has these concepts of
"Mainstream" and "Extended" support, which they typically poorly define
exactly what the difference is between the two.

So now you understand that POSReady 2009 extended support will end in

As to your misunderstood observation of the end of extended support for
"Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009", I'm not exactly sure if this is just more
obfuscation and opacity by Meekro$oft in giving the same product
different names.  

That is, is "Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009" the same as "POSReady 2009". ?

And is "Windows Embedded POSReady 2009" the same as the above two?

(how many ways can Milkro$oft name the same product?)

(and why am I tempted to always think of POS as "Piece of Shit"?)

Note that PieceofShit Ready Dynamic Embedded 2009 has and "End of
License" date - something I've never seen for other Misery$oft products,
but seems typical for embedded (read: license-restricted) products.  
Which makes me ask - has there been other MS products that have reached
their "End of License" dates yet - and what will (or what has) M$ done
when they catch you still using them after that date?

Do those products actually have a "drop-dead, stop functioning" date
built into them?


Upon further investigation using the Micro$oft Product Lifecycle Search


"Dynamics POS 2009" and "Windows Embedded POSReady 2009" each have their
own listings in the search results, and do have slightly different
end-of-support dates:
Dynamics POS 2009            
Mainstream Support End Date:  7/8/2014
Extended Support End Date:    7/9/2019

Windows Embedded POSReady 2009
Mainstream Support End Date:  4/8/2014
Extended Support End Date:    4/9/2019

Which still raises the question: WTF is the difference between the two?

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