A Dell & HP hard drives trashed after Free AVG installation and scan any suggestions?

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Ok.... Now I have two major additional problems  with the free AVG...

A users download the free AVG, installed, and the scan was completed with
a few cookies located.  I just received a phone call the system will not

Yesterday I played with a Dell that the owner downloaded free AVG on
Friday evening, and scanned the hard drive...  No problems were found...

Yesterday morning a message appeared on her computer: Password security
Press <ctr><enter> to disable
Password Security
Enter password

This was the first time the system was booted after Avg download, install
and scan friday.  Similar to the phone call I received tonight...

The Dell was easy to remove the password requirement, moving the pin,
starting the system, shut down and reset the pin, and check the Cmos

But I could not boot into windows, could get no farther that the starting

Moved the drive to another windows system set jumper to cable select,
starting that windows computer a check disk window appeared and found many
orphaned files, and other errors, but after 20 minutes it reported it had
fixed all of error...  no bad sectors... and then restarted windows.  I
was able to explore the hard drive every thing looked ok!  Pictures, and a
few songs was all this users had in the system...

Removed the drive, and reinstalled it in the Dell, and nothing changed...
The system would boot into the Cmos, and recognize the hard drive, but
would not boot beyond starting Windows.  I tried safe mode, without any
luck...  I had the owner locate the recovery disks, and tried to start the
machine to do a recovery or to find the backup i386, but with the recovery
disks  got another error...

error code 47872

I then tried a Linux Live CD, “SimplyMepis 32-bit version 6.5.02”  it
booted off the the Live cd system without any problems...  Internet and
all systems checked out...  The Live CD has run for 30 hours... I can see
the ntfs drive but can not mount the drive as Linux indicates there are
errors that need      correcting. Suggestions?  Searching error  code
47872 can indicate many different failures, including the hard drive...

Now I understand There is another system with similar problems after
installing the free AVG system... Is there any other information, about
this oddity...  Have installed this on so many computer where people have
allowed their 90 day trial anti-virus to expire I can not begin to count
the machines...  never had this problem, and on two different systems in a
few days...  Amazing, or something else?

I will install another hard drive tomorrow, and see if the Recovery CDs
will allow a new install...  Maybe I should flash the bios, to make
certain that is ok...  Will check the newsgroup before I do anything, as
this one is odd, something I have not ever seen before...

JR the poastman

Re: A Dell & HP hard drives trashed after Free AVG installation and scan any suggestions?

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Re: A Dell & HP hard drives trashed after Free AVG installation and scan any suggestions?

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 ... Postman Delivers wrote:
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 ... Ah a woman. There's yer trouble!

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