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i have a very annoyingly noisy TT volcano 9 smart (isnt) HSF.  i need
something quieter.  i did some work for a friend and he gave me a
coolermaster HSF ( no box or ID details) .  its only got a 60mm fan and is
very noisy too.
would i be better taking the fan off the all copper coolermaster and mating
it up with a stealth fan with adaptor or just keeping my V9 aluminium HS
with copper insert.



i just want some peace and quiet

Re: Wots cooler

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 14:55:35 +0100, Robin wrote:

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The V9's fan goes up to 4800RPM for max cooling using the smart function.
Remove that and use the manual speed control. As long as you keep it
around 2500-3000rpm it should be quiet enough and cool enough.

OTOH, if you replace the 60mm fan on the cooler master with an adapter and
an 80MM fan you should also be ok. Assuming the CollerMaster is an
HCC-002, I'd say it may perform a little better (with same fan on both),
but I wouldn't swear on it.

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Re: Wots cooler

i had it running at 4200rpm for a good while but it was noisy.  Someone else
recommended running at around 3,500rpm and this is quite a lot quieter but
the temp has crept up to 47C on idle and 50-51C on load.
Still seems stable but i cant help feel it should be lower as standard XP
3200+ runs at 43C with the standard cooler.


Re: Wots cooler

You could try to get a better airflow inside your computer case.
Or a better exhaust fan,this can take of several degrees from your temps.
All in all those heatsinks are not very good at the job they should do.
Zallman makes very silent fans,maybe this is an option.
As for coolermaster,i have an aluminium heatsink with 70cm fan and it runs
at 3000rpm and is silent.
It did the job for my palomino,imo still one of the hottest chips.
Your difference between idle and load is good.
So get more fresh air in,and hot air out.

On a side note,i have a thermaltake volcano full copper with a 4800rpm fan
and it cooled less then the coolermaster silent one.

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Re: Wots cooler

I have a Chieftec case with three front fans and two rear with a side
mounted fan.  they are set up to suck in at the front and blow heat out the
back.  the TT cools OK if the speed (sound) is up around 4,200 rpm but its
noisy.  I was planning on trying an 80 mm fan on the Cu base as it's the
most conductive, isn't it?
the PSU is an antec 380W but seems to be noisy too. the HSF is just audible
above the PSU fans.

silence is golden if you can only get some.


Re: Wots cooler

Atm i'm very busy with the placement of several fans in my case.
It appears the front intake fan does not have a great impact on my
x850pro,this card blows out the heat at the back and this front intake fan
just pushes it back.
For now a fan on the bottom left side (double sided tape used to stick on
the bottom)and a powerfull rear exhaust works best for me.
The point im trying to make is that when using multiple fans you have to
watch if they don't obstruct eachother and that the rpm ingoing is not more
then the rpm going out.Otherwise you end up with too much warm/hot air
inside the case that is circulating around your components.
The psu fan is usually pushing out so much heat that you can neglect this as
a case ventilator.
Psu with 120mm fan is usually also quieter,but it differs from brand to
brand,my coolermaster real power 450watt is pretty silent.
Also my amd stock heatsink is very quiet,i was totally surprised by that.

In any case i was not impressed with the TT volcano with adjustable rpm
switch,it did a lousy job at lower then 4000 rpm speeds.

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