Which driver for AMD X2?

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Ok, probably a dumb question, but I can't seem to get Google to work it
right for a clear answer.  I have a Gigabyte K8N nforce 4 SLI Pro
motherboard with an AMD X@ 4400+ CPU.  When I go to the Gigabyte site to get
the newest drivers it asks me to choose between the "Windows XP 64 bit"
driver and the "Windows 2000, Windows XP" driver.  Now, I'm assuming it's
the latter since I am not running the 64 but version of Windows XP and I
think that's what they are referring to, but my processor is 64 bit so I
want to make sure.  So, which is it?

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Re: Which driver for AMD X2?

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Yes, right. A driver for 64 bit windows and a driver for the normal 32 bit

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Re: Which driver for AMD X2?

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If you aren't running a 64 bit of Windows XP, you need the Windows
200/Windows XP one.


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