whats the better overclock setting here...?

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My system:

AMD A64 4400+ x2 (Toledo core 2x1mb L2 cache)
MSI K8N SLI Diamond (NF2 Chipset)
POC Nvidia GF7800GTX 512mb Extreme
2 x 512mb G.Skill DDR Ram PC4400 (DDR550)
Enermax PSU 600w
Watercooled CPU

I can achieve a stable overclock of the 4400 with a marginal voltage
increase at these settings:

11 x 240 = 2.64ghz HTT x4


10 x 260 = 2.6ghz HTT x 4

Mem settings @ 2.5-4-4-8 (1T) 2.8v

what are safe temperature ranges for this cpu...?

thanks all....

Re: whats the better overclock setting here...?

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If you can find Divider Helper on Google you can plug in those settings and
see what it says about the memory speed.
Assuming you have it set to 166, it would be 188.5 and 216.7.

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Try not to get into the 50's in case a hot day comes along and takes it into
the forbidden 60's. The cpu is not supposed to ever exceed 70. If it's like
the older XP Athlons, it can become unstable and make errors above 60.

Ed Light

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