Weird overclocking problem

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I have to Asus A8N-Sli with the 1011 bios version and a Winchester 3000+ CPU
with PC3200 memory. I used to have this computer overclocked to over 250FSB
however I changed back to normal settings because I wasn't playing games
anymore (dont ask)

However today I tried overclocking it and it will overclock to 220FSB with
the CPU at 1980 with the memory setting at 333Mhz. However if I try to
overclock even a little bit more the CPU speeds gets slower! When I set the
computer to what it used to run at 250FSB, 3x hyper transport, 266Mhz memory
the CPU speed is defaulting to 1250Mhz! Is this a BIOS problem?

Also can somebody explain the maths involved with hyper transport, FSB,
memory speed and CPU speed? I've forgot! I know the FSB x the multiplier
gives you the CPU speed, however I'm not sure how the hyper transport and
the memory speed works out.

Please help. Am I doing something stupidly wrong?

Many thanks


Re: Weird overclocking problem

No need to reply guys. The problem went away after I installed AI auto
booser utility then uninstalled it. I have the FSB set to 250Mhz now, which
makes the CPU run at 2250, HT 1000 and memory at 408. I also done my
homework on how all the clock speeds are set.

Also I need to do now is purchase 2Gb of high quality memory so I can run it
at 1:1.


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