watercooling vs. air cooling

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I've read a lot of things but I'm not able to choice.

I'm building a (big) computer with :
dfi lanparty

I would like to have any advice concerning th choice between :
- usual air cooling with default fan of quadro, something like XP-90c for
- watercooling kit for cpu and gpu (don't know which one already)

With a standard watercooling kit (with a cost that is not bigger than the
whole computer cost) :
- is the overclocking potential really better ?
- is the computer really silencer ?

Is there any comparison on this on the web ? any advice ?


Re: watercooling vs. air cooling

g. bon skrev:
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air cooling much easier to install, if you don't have used water cooling before,
you may
want to avoid water cooling! air coolers are efficient enough now to keep your
amd core
cool, even if mild oc is a target.

in my eyes standard kits are not that great! i bought one from swifttech and
started to mod it! (not silent/cooling enough) now i just have the cpu and gf
blocks intact,
the rest is homemade stuff.

    1x gallon water tank
    2x blackice extreme radiators
    4x 120mm silent fans with fancontroller.
    1x hydor waterpump (l30)
    " internal diameter pvc pipes
    (gpu and cpu blocks feed it own radiator, parallell wise!)
    (only blocks are in the computer)

silent? nearly...only a faint hmmm sound from the pump and some fan noise if you
listen. cpu
idle temp is 28c, never passed 39c (4400+ @ 2500mhz doing prime on both cores)

worth the work? don't know.....it was a lot of work and quite expensive! (some
done..i got 3 discarded pumps in the spare pile, creasy!!)


Re: watercooling vs. air cooling

There is a lot to consider on both fronts.
1. High end air that will alllow a decent, and stable O/C will not be
silent. The XP-120 and XP-90C are in my opinion the two best air cooled
solutions on the market. It all depends on what fans you use for
cooling. I personally recommend Panaflo fans as their air flow to noise
tradeoff is the best. The 120 will probably be a bit quieter due to the
120mm fan.....but your O/C is fairly limited with air.
2. Water- Water is quieter if you buy a quality kit that isn't going to
O/C a whole lot. The thought behind water is that it does dissipate
heat better, but people tend to push it further, which means they have
to push more air through the radiator to cool the fins....Also, when
you O/C, you need good airflow in the case for things like the chipset
and memory....so it wwon't be that much quieter in the end.
Whern it comes to performance, water is much better than air (with a
decent kit)
As far as kit recommendations:
I recommend anything from Danger Den, PolarFLO, or Koolance. If price
is a concern, Corsair is going to release a $150 kit called the
Nautilus500 this week.....its an extremely simple kit that moves 500W
of heat (incredibly good)....and is very easy to set up
If you ever need help or just a great place to hang out and talk
computer hardware.....check out my site

Re: watercooling vs. air cooling

Believe it or not, alienware has a white paper on liquid cooling and
overclocking. not that i am trying to pursuade you to buy an alienware,
because there other good gaming machines on the market like voodoo pc and a


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Re: watercooling vs. air cooling


I've choose air cooling for a lot of (little) reasons.
I know that Alienware computers are good products as I have an alienware
(area 51m) notebook.
I finaly prefered to choose a lot of silent fans for all my computers
instead of watercooling system for one of my computers.
I'm waiting for the last parts and I will be able to try...

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