VGA Waterblock issue

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I have a Bigwater SE cooling system and I just bought the Thermaltake
VGA waterblock (CL-W0038). I have a ATI brand Radeon 9800 Pro 128 and
following the instructions, I placed the thermalpaste on the GPU and
then put the waterblock on. I took the WB off and found that it isn't
touching the GPU at all (no paste one the WB). Am I missing a spacer to
fill that gap or what?

Anyone else have this water block here???

Re: VGA Waterblock issue

The waterblock has a small footprint at 57x46 mm. There is a white plastic
shroud around the GPU package. On the 9800Pro the shroud should be lower
than the GPU die, though, so it shouldn't cause any problems. Take a look
from the side and see if you can spot any gaps.

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