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Hello Group,

I currently am running an Athlon 2500+@3200+.  It also has an ATI 9800
Pro AIW videocard.

Now last night i heard a click and not too long after the computer froze
up with corrupted image.  I shut down the pc and one clip of the cooler
has broken off.  The videocard still works fine as long as ik keep the
heatsink close to it.  So i'm in the market for a new cooler that is silent.

What is a good silent cooler that is compatible with this board layout?
I tried a zalman a friend wasn't using and it didn't fit, the part where
the tuner is located on the card is blocking a perfect fit :-(

Greetings, and many thanks for any tips and or pointers.

Re: VGA Cooler Advice

Dimitri Salikov wrote:
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In the pictures here, it looks like the original retail cooler
attaches with pushpins. Could you use a nylon screw to hold it
in place ?

The problem with video cards with non-standard layouts,
is finding a cooler company that will make a cooler
just to fit that card. People had trouble finding coolers
for 6600GT AGP, because of HSI. It looks like the tuner
on your card, could be a problem as well.


Re: VGA Cooler Advice (Paul) wrote:

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In the past I've used plastic coated wire ties to tie a cooler to a
card. It's not an ideal solution, and I was a bit worried about them
melting, but it worked fine.

Anyway, the OP wants an old Arctic Cooling VGA silencer rev3 ( or
something similar). I had one of those on a 9800SE which is likely to
have the same awkward TV tuner parts. Not totally silent, but very quiet

Andrew McP

Re: VGA Cooler Advice

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Cab the zalman be modded. IE: trimed

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