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Hello. I've overclocked my Venice 3000 to 2.16 GHz. I've been running
prime95 for a while at this speed and the system temps are 41 for the
CPU, 38 for the PSU and 32 for the board. In anyones opinion, will this
overclock affect the life span of my hardware? I have three fans on the
case, 3 on the PSU and an Artic Cooling heatsink and fan on the CPU.
I've read about people running this chip at 2.6 GHz and still remaining
stable. Thanks.

Re: Venice overclock

Those temps are great! I wish I could get below 49C!
I'm thinking that CPU can run forever at 41C.
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Re: Venice overclock

Scotter wrote:

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I just picked up a Zalman 9500 cooler for my x2 3800+ which is running
at 2500MHz, and it dropped my CPU temp by 12+ degrees under load. Idle
temps are down only a few degrees as expected, but when monitoring the
temps and loading up the CPU and then cutting the load, watching the
temps drop like a stone is really quite impressive.

I expected it to work pretty good, but I didn't expect such a big drop
in temps.

This is the best cooler I've used and it's a lot lighter than my friends
Big Typhoon - weighs almost half as much and takes up less space in the
case. It costs a bit more, but I think the reduced stress levels on the
motherboard are well worth it, and it easily matches the Typhoon as

Re: Venice overclock

No worries. It's the same cpu as the 3800+. Just may not be a sample of it
that can run at 2.4 with the default voltage - may need a touch more.

They should never go over 60C, so you have plenty of room for a hot day to
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Re: Venice overclock

Anthony Jones wrote:
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I've been at 2.16 for the life of my machine without any problems at
all.  And I'm only running Value RAM and the AMD HSF.

My temps are lower thaan yours.  @ idle, my CPU is 27C.

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