Upgrading PSU: does the Abit NF7-S v2 need -5 volt?

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I think I have to upgrade my PSU, the 350 watt which came with my
Aopen H600A casing. But there is one issue which puzzles me.

The NF7-S still has the 20 pin power connector, with a -5 volt
My current PSU (ATX2 with 24 pin connector) does not provide -5 volt.
Things seem to run normally, but I can't get over 11x189 with my
mobile 2600+, I think due to PSU instability.

But does the NF7-S really need this -5 volt? It's not required any
more for modern PSU's and there are no other components in normal PC's
which need it. But the AbitEQ utility starts complaining right away
when installed ...
Depending on the BIOS, I read +3,45 volt or 0 volt in the BIOS health

Could the lack of -5 volt be an issue, in making the board perform
less well?
There are still PSU's around with a -5 rail, should I get one?

Does your NF7-S get -5 volt? It's the white wire, my 24->20 converter
has it, but nothing connected at the PSU side.

Thanks, Boyd

Re: Upgrading PSU: does the Abit NF7-S v2 need -5 volt?


Really nobody knows? Does the NF7-S motherboard need -5 volt?
Could the lack of -5 volt cause instability?

Thanks, Boyd

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