Update - Sempron 2800/3100+ OC ability

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My mistake. The Sempron 2800+ has a 1.6MHz frequency. So now my question
is whether the Sempron 3100+ (1.8MHz) is worth the extra $25 bucks over
the Sempron 2800+?

Re: Update - Sempron 2800/3100+ OC ability

It all depends on what you'll be using the system for.

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Re: Update - Sempron 2800/3100+ OC ability

On Fri, 02 Sep 2005 00:38:23 +0000, rog344 wrote:

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Taking into account my other reply, that will depend on other factors
that only you can answer. Looking at pricewatch I only see $13 difference.
I think the extra 1x mutliplier might be worth that.

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Re: Update - Sempron 2800/3100+ OC ability

rog344 wrote:

"  My mistake. The Sempron 2800+ has a 1.6MHz frequency. So now my
question is whether the Sempron 3100+ (1.8MHz) is worth the extra $25
bucks over the Sempron 2800+?  "

G... G... G... GHz... Gigahertz.  Intel released the 2Mhz 8080 in 1974,
so a 1.6Mhz processor somehow wouldn't cut it in today's market.

Read this review on the 90nm Sempron 2600+.  They overclocked it to
2.5Ghz, outperforming the socket 939 Athlon 64 3500+ and the socket 478
P4 3.4E in most benchmarks.

The socket 754 Sempron list is currently as follows:

2500+   1.4GHz   256KB    7x    90nm   Palermo
2600+   1.6GHz   128KB    8x    90nm   Oakville / Palermo
2800+   1.6GHz   256KB    8x    90nm   Oakville / Palermo
3000+   1.8GHz   128KB    9x    90nm   Oakville / Palermo
3100+   1.8GHz   256KB    9x  130nm   Paris
3100+   1.8GHz   256KB    9x    90nm   Oakville / Palermo
3300+   2.0GHz   128KB  10x    90nm   Oakville / Palermo
3400+   2.0GHz   256KB  10x    90nm   Palermo


You can read how the 130nm and 90nm Sempron 3100+ overclock here:


...and the new Sempron 3400+ at
http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cpu/display/sempron-3400.html .

Now if you've read the overclocking results of the 2600+, you'll see how
the differences in L2 cache on socket 754 don't count for very much.
The on-die memory controller greatly reduces the need for a high L2
cache.  You can work this out anyway by looking down the list of
Semprons above, as a 0.2GHz increase in clock speed outperforms a drop
in L2 cache (i.e. 2800+ Vs 3000+).

It might seem worth the extra money for a 3100+, but make sure you get
the 90nm version.  It's quite likely that any 90nm Sempron will
overclock higher than the 130nm 3100+, so you might be throwing money
away if you bought one of those.  Also, the E6 revisions have 64-bit
capability enabled, so future compatibility and resale price will hold a
little better with those.

Whatever you end up choosing, you'll need a motherboard capable of
extremely high FSB and an extensive range of memory dividers.  The
nForce3 chipsets are the best overclockers on socket 754, particularly
the 250Gb versions.

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