top speed for a64 3200 939 ?

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for all overclockers out there...

what's the top you've managed to push athlon64 3200+ s.939 ? which cooler?

personaly, I'm running this cpu on 2.7ghz (original 2.0ghz) , box cooler,
thermaltake armor case...
currently over 10 days, 15+ hours a day, and counting, without a single
been up to a 2.8 for 2 days, some problems after about 40-50 mins

memory, kingmax ddr 400, running at 225mhz (450mhz), dual channel

mobo: epox 9npaj

temperatures: idle - 28-32 c (depending on room temp), 44-45c during 100%
(playing bia:road to hill 30, video encoding, ...)

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