Thermal pad on A64 3500+?

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Does AMD use Thermal pad or paste on cpu coolers? If its a pad, shud it be
replaced? How? and with what? Any aftermarkets fans that are good?

Re: Thermal pad on A64 3500+?

news_reader wrote:
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Mine came with a thin layer of paste on the heatsink. Looked like it
might have been Arctic Silver or at least a first cousin. Worked very
well IMHO. In fact the performance of the stock factory cooling setup
was quite impressive and it even worked for a bit of overclocking.

The fan on my stock cooler is a 70X70X15 Delta and it works pretty well.
Since that is not a popular size your choices for "better" fans will be
a bit limited. My current favorite fan maker SilenX doesn't even make
one in that size. Of course you could purchase one of the many 70mm to
80mm fan adapters on the market and then fit the larger fan. Possibly
even fit a 25mm thick fan if your case allows it.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: Thermal pad on A64 3500+?

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I bought a retail  3500+.three weeks ago. The stock HS has what looks like a
pad on the bottom but when you actually mate it to the CPU the crushing
action makes it s a "goo".  Came off as "goo" when I removed it to replace
with a thermalright XP-120  It didn't get me anymore MHZ overclocking but
there is a 7C difference in temperature and the 120MM fan makes my rig a lot
quieter. 56$ shipped wuth no fan. I had a 120mm 84CFM 35DB Sunon loafing in
the spare parts box.  The XP-120 is designed for 120mm fans only, if you
want a smaller fan buy an XP-90.  Currently I'm at 33-34C idle and at load
it will be at 44C.  Load for the stock HS was 51C, idle I believe was 34-36C

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