The Amd X2 3800 but what ram to go with it. Thanks.

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The Amd X2 3800 but what ram to go with it ?

pc3200,4000,500 what one would be the best suited ?

I want to overlock. But have no idea how much i need to with this cpu.
I take it the multi is locked so the only way i can do it is with the

And the hypertransport whatever.

An any help would be great. dont want to buy ram i wont be using fully
but i want some decent sytuff that will max my system out.


Ta ta.

Re: The Amd X2 3800 but what ram to go with it. Thanks.

No One Realy wrote:
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The CPU is locked but the multiplier is adjustable from 10.0 downwards in
steps of 0.5.

With a bit of luck, you'll be able to get your CPU to 2.5GHz (taking the
4200+ results and decreasing it a bit as the X2's are probably quite
aggressively binned, especially these early ones), maybe a bit higher,
depending on your cooling and the luck of the draw. This means a system
clock speed of 250MHz, or PC4000 for the RAM rating. The higher-than-1:1 RAM
ratios do not appear to do much (bottleneck location unknown at the moment),
so the other options would be to drop the multiplier and increase the system
clock speed. Skipping half-integer multipliers to avoid confusion, this
would give you 278MHz (PC4448) with a multiplier of 9, and 313 (PC5000) with
a multiplier of 8. The increase in RAM bandwidth probably won't benefit you
a great deal so you'll have to decide whether the extra costs (both
financial and in terms of latency) of higher rated RAM is worth it.

Of course, there's nothing saying that you have to buy RAM that's rated to
operate at your target speed (this is an overclocking group :) ), but the
lower the rating on the RAM the less likely it is to reach it (brand
differences aside).


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