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Hi there,

I have recently upgraded my processor, as I was building another rig for my
brother, I gave him my old xp 2200+ and got myself an XP-M 2400 which I run
@ 2083 Mhz, 1.5 V (my board's minimum)

I get these temps reported in MBM5:  Socket: 38º C
                                                           Diode: 43º C
                                                   Mobo/case:  25º C

Right now it's not too hot out here, and the most I got so far is 45ºC diod,
28ºC case.  I run Folding@Home with CPUidle to throttle it down a bit, so I
have more or less 60% constant load in my system.

Do you think these temps are OK?  I thought they may be a bit much,
considering that the summer is near.



Re: Temps question

Errors can begin at 60C, so it's nice not to go over 50C on a warm day.

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