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Re: Temps for sempron 2500.. Good or not?

I have the TR2-M1 which has the LED fan instead of the black one on the
TR2-M3.  On my overclocked XP2000 B it works fine.  Running 176x12 @ 1.85V.
During Summer with room temps mid to high 30s C the CPU hit 60C during Prime
95 when the CPU was running 10.5 x 200 @ 1.85V so I swapped the fan to a
3100 RPM from the 2500 RPM one and got a drop of about 5C.  Running prime95
now, room temp 22C Cpu 49C.  My case has only one 92mm case fan in use.

The sink is fine.  It uses 80mm fans so they are easily and cheaply replaced
for looks and/or performance.


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