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I posted this on pcworld after looking at a review of the asus a7N8x-x. I
used my asus A7N as comparison

Strengths:  A7N8X-X Excellent overclocker, 3 gigs of practically any ram,
stable with stock drivers, usb2
Weaknesses: Upgraded drivers have given me problems, no SATA this boards
lifespan is up.
Summary:  If using your computer as an overpriced arcade machine, only
overclocking, and anything else that doesn't matter, then yes this is the
board for you. Absolutely, this board is so easy to overclock its great. I
did my XP 2600 to 2.3 ghz by changing the fsb to 200, and voltage to 1.775
after locking the agp slot to 66mhz. this did make my cdroms of various
makes slightly unstable and may have caused some file corruption on HDs.
Made my games move smoother. Unlike the A7V8X-X this will run 3 gigs of
2100, 2700 3200 no problem. Unfortunately, Asus made a mistake by not making
all boards available have sata, sata2 and sata raid, nor did it make a bios
available, or cpus, that could run on a FSB at 800 mhz or faster. Video
editors, music lovers multitaskers, and gamers, this is not the board for
you. Make sure your next motherboard has at least 4 ports sata2 raid0 etc
and can run dualcore processors.

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The Asus was OK - but never a patch on the DFI NF2 which hit from 250 to 280
FSB stable.

VanShania wrote:
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Re: Sumation of my view of computers

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Agree with you there. I still have both the DFI board and the Abit NF7-S
(revision 2) and they have been very good. The Asus A7N8X finally had to
be returned, for the second time, due to faults. It was the worse
overclocker and seemed to offer so little value for money.

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