Suggestions needed for 1st time overclock . . .

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I have just completed this new build and would appreciate a few links that
can step-by-step me towards a nice performance overclock of the cpu & RAM.
The specs:

SILVERSTONE TJ-03 w/ 2-80mm fans, 2-120mm fans, 1-92mm fan
ABIT AN8 Ultra
Athlon64 4000+ SanDiego
THERMALRIGHT XP-90 w/ 92mm Panaflow
OCZ Platinum 2GB (2 x 1GB) 2-3-2-5 @  2.6V (model OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K)
Seagate 7000.8 300GB SATA HDD
Plextor PX-716SA/SW / ASUS 16x DVD ROM
X-FI Platinum w/ Klipsch 5.1's
XP Pro SP2

I have all the drivers for every device updated and running smooth.  Super
system.  Just looking to get it to a stable 3.0Ghz if it's possible. (at
least 2.8Ghz for FX 57-ish performance).  I designed the aircooling/fan
placement mod myself with the best chassis I have ever used teamed with a
XP-90, superior wireing job and modular PSU - - - cpu-z puts CPU at 24C
after a 5 hour online UT2004 fragfest.  All suggestions would be
appreciated.  Thanks in advance

Re: Suggestions needed for 1st time overclock . . .

Lawrence Monfils wrote:
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forget gaming for checking oc stability! use prime to flush out a bad setup! (for cpu test) (for memory testing)

i accept a oc test setup if it will run prime for at least 4hours (24h better)
error free.

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