Strange 5v readouts

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Strange +5v rail readout using both mbm5 and speedfan. Both show a
fluctuation between 2.17 and 5.41 v.  I have tested the psu using a
multimeter and everything is good. So I can only assume the mainboard
is giving false readings or there is a problem with the mainboard. The
funny thing is that the system is stable as a rock (e.g. ran Prime 95
for 12 hrs) and there are no apparent irregularities.Theother  odd
thing about this mainboard is that in the bios there are only readouts
for +3 and + 12v and combined (i.e.+3 & + 12v) which all register as
"okay". No readout for then 5v rail.

Should I change the board? I am worried that this problem is systemic
of the model and changing it will only produce similar results.


AMD 64 3000
Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939
512 PC3200 Twinmos
1 optical drive
1 x160GB HDD
9700 Pro
Hauppage pvr-250 TV tuner
X-Mystique Sound Card
Antec 430w Blue



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