silent CPU cooler for AMD on Chaintech 7KJD

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looking for advice on a silent CPU cooler for the following system:

AMD 2400+ XP CPU
Chaintech 7KJD motherboard
Chieftech PSU
ThermalTake Mozart HTPC case

my problem is that the PSU is position right next to the motherboard in
my case, making the fitting of a "big" fan, like the Zalman flower ones

to top it all, my current CPU fan is a nightmare, yet cool!

Can anyone suggest a silent CPU fan that will fit neatly over the top
(pretty much) of the processor only?  

Thanks in advance


Re: silent CPU cooler for AMD on Chaintech 7KJD

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Do you have a fan speed controller ? Get a FanmateII from Zalman,
and adjust the CPU fan speed for quieter operation. If your
current heatsink has a copper base (and copper or aluminum fins),
chances are another heatsink of similar dimensions is not going
to work any better. (If the volume of the fins on the heatsink
grows, then the performance improves, and a slower fan can be
used. Once the fin volume reaches a certain point, heat pipes
make better use of the fins. Heat doesn't travel that well up
a long fin by itself.)

The difference between products, would be in the fan speed used.

For this one, the temperature rises 30C for 60W of CPU heat.
That is likely worse than what you have got.
Claims 21dBa sound (unaudible) and 27.5CFM fan.

For this one, the unbelievable claim is 10C rise for 50W of CPU heat.
At 5500 RPM, I think you would hear that. The speed is adjustable,
but then the temps will rise a bit. At 5500RPM, the sound is
48dBa (definitely audible) and 72CFM of air (crazy). When the unit is
turned down to 2000RPM, the behavior is similar to the Silent Boost.

If you could fit a heatsink with a larger X * Y dimension, that
would allow a larger, lower RPM fan to be used. The height would
still be manageable, but then you might bump into the PSU.

Your computer case ia 170mm high, so check the height dimensions
of each product, and see if they fit within the clearance
which is available between the top of the processor die and that
metal stiffener over the processor area.


Re: silent CPU cooler for AMD on Chaintech 7KJD

thanks paul - loads to take in there!  will digest over the weekend
coming.  once again, thanks.

Re: silent CPU cooler for AMD on Chaintech 7KJD

I have a similar problem and i have reached a very low noise level.

I work according to the following... vibrations and airflow through
fans generate noise.

1. Use FanmateII controller fo r the CPU fan control.
2. Replace the PSU fan with a speed controllable fan similar to CPU
3. Use elastic bands/ rubber fixations for all fans (this can be quite
tricky if you are not used to DIY
4. Fixed HDD on full elastic rubber bands...

Guaranteed satisfaction.
PS: be careful not to adjust fan speed to low, as temperature quickly
goes up.

Re: silent CPU cooler for AMD on Chaintech 7KJD

no@spam.invalid (Nuvin) writes:
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You might want to consider mounting a fan on the HDD if you do this.
A surprising amount of the heat generated by the drive is conducted
through the metal to metal contact from the drive to the case.

People have posted before how surprisingly hot their drive got when
it was mounted on rubber standoffs.  Not surprising at all when you
realize that you just "insulated your heat sink from your drive"
with rubber.

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