Sempron 64bit 2800?

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Does anyone know if the Sempron 64bit skt754 2800 supports Windows 98SE?


Re: Sempron 64bit 2800?

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It should depend on the motherboard. If the motherboard lists 98SE.
(Nowadays they often won't support the pre-SE 98.)

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Re: Sempron 64bit 2800?


Reading an article @ THG.  Does the Sempron 64bit 2800 support Windows 64?
From the article, it seems to indicate the 3400 supports Windows 64... ?

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Re: Sempron 64bit 2800?

On Sun, 11 Sep 2005 18:17:17 -0400, chris wrote:

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Yes, it will support W98, or 95, or OS/2, or Linux, or any other x86 OS,
even DOS.

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Re: Sempron 64bit 2800?


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YES.  It should.  The newer 64bit Semprons are supposed to be based on
the x86-64 spec, which means it's the x86-32 architecture expanded to
64bit.  It even incorporates the SSE and SSE2 instructions as a part
of 3D-NOW! if that's important to you.

Given the age of 95/98/98SE/ME, it probably won't correctly identify
the CPU by name, but it will work as you don't need a driver for the
CPU.  The big question is whether you'll be able to get hold of a full
set of win9x drivers for the integrated hardware on whatever
motherboard you choose to mount it on.


Re: Sempron 64bit 2800?

 it does. It does even support x86 DOS.

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