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Hello so can someone explain to me what the Sempron is? what is the diff
between this and say a Barton XP?


Re: sempron?

Barton has 512KB of L2 cache
Sempron has 256KB or L2 cache

Sempron works on fewer motherboards then XP processor.  Also, some
motherboards need to flashed with a new BIOS before they will recognize the
Sempron processors.

All problems have a simple solution!  The more complex the solution, the
more ludicrous the analogy!
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Re: sempron?

It is the AMD equivalent of a Celeron ...
It is highly Overclockable and is a very good chip,  Not quite as good as a
A64 chip, but it is very inexpensive.
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Re: sempron?

How dare you compare AMD sempron processors with Celeron.  AMD Sempron is
clearly supperior to Intel Celeron!

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Re: sempron?

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Yes it is generally better, but you are apparently unaware that AMD uses the
Celeron the  reference in the Sempron performance rating. Sempron 2400+ is
supposed to be equivalent to a Celeron 2.4 (2400Mhz)

Re: sempron?

Don't get your panties in a bunch ... the Sempron is to X64 like the Celeron
is to the Pentium

I would much rather have a Sempron as you can OC them very nicely.  As Wes
pointed out though that maybe your best bang for the buck is a XP 2500
Barton right now .. or one of the other less expensive XP's

I helped my friend set up a machine with a Smepron .. it's nice and
nocompalints .. I have three machines with AMD XP's, another machine has a
Celeron and the other with an A64.

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Re: sempron?

Wookie wrote:
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I would like to say, i came late to socket A, and sempron
rules(considering the cost to power ratio)

I got a 2600+ overclocked to a 2800+, stable, default voltage on crapy
cheap gigabyte motherboard.

As far as i'm concerned if you can handle taking the heat for having a
old system and no "64" on your chip, go socket a, the nf-7(board of
legends) is soooo cheap compared to good 939 boards, along with the ol
skool xp-m 2500 and you've got the performance of a AMD Hammer system.

Oh i calculated, that AMD Hammer technology is 30% faster at the same
clock speed than the old XP tech, is that about right?

Re: sempron?

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005 23:41:49 +0000, Lee wrote:

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See Sempron in link below.

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