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I'm due to get my Maxtor drive tomorrow. I have a Asus A8N SLI (non deluxe
version) motherboard overclocked to 260FSB with a PATA drive.

I have heard some stories bout this board not overclocking well with SATA
drives? Can anyone confirm this?



Re: SATA - Overclocking

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Most, if not all ATA Sata drives are sensitive to Overclocking.
 I suggest getting a HD cooler, you should be fine.

RavingRaichu.     ;-)           :-)                   (Denny.)

Re: SATA - Overclocking

Thus Spake RaichuRaichu on 3/29/2005 8:31 AM:
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You are high.  If any problems exist they are with particular
manufacturers or models.  Case in point:  My Barton 2500+ overclocked to
2.2 GHz (11*200 MHz) with SATA WD Raptor 360's on an Asus A7N8X.  Not
one problem ever.

Re: SATA - Overclocking

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Yeah I'm sure of that.
 But it always helps to have a HD cooler of some kind anyway.
At best guess my SCSI drives on my P4 are around 100F
 Very warm to the touch, there's no fans on them.
So I guess I should do something to cool them, even though most times
 I don't have any problems.
My IDE & SATA drives which are on my Xeon Server,
 get the same way if I don't have a fan cooling them.
As for WD, I've not had a WD in a long time.
Only mostly Maxtor's. I believe my SCSI drives are by IBM
 Got em from an old P2 by HP.

Anywho, sorry to take so long to reply.
RavingRaichu.     ;-)

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