?'s with AMD XP-M 3000+ Barton

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OK, I've stuck a 3000+ Mobile 133 FSB in a A7n8X-E Asus ATX Mobo
running at 12 X 400FSB
Thermaltake Xaser case
Thermaltake Butterfly 480 Purepower PSU
Samsung PC3200 512 X 2     11/3/3/2.5  at 2.8 Volts
ATI 9800 Pro Atlantis 256
at 430 GPU / 375 Mem - Thermaltake Schooner VGA fanless

In AMD's CPUInfo the following Info comes up-

Processor Name:     AMD Athlon XP-M
Max Speed:            3300 MHz
Family.Model.Step:   7.10.0
yadda,yaddas -       all yes until....
SSE2 support:         no
L1 Data Cache         64 K's
L1 Instruction          64 K's
L2 Cache Size         512 K's  

Now technically it is a 266 FSB Processor

I'm running like a rock at different times between
11    X400FSB -   less or = ; 100 F (2.2 Ghtz)
11.5 X400FSB -   = or less ; 107 F (2.3 Ghtz)
12    X400FSB -   = or less ; 114 F (2.4 Ghtz)

...in a desktop

The multiplier came factory unlocked, course, it's a mobile and I'm
loving it.

Now the main thing I've got here is why in any CPU info program I've
CPUCool, the tools from AMD's site, ect, ect, they ALL say the max
speed of my
cpu is 3.3 Ghtz? I'm thinking that's crazy. Of course it

On my 1800 + all these programs said the speed was the max the cpu
auctualy ran at, which in a 3000+'s case should be 2.2 Ghtz.

I take it if at 2.4 Ghtz, the cpu is already getting up to 114, though
I have a
Thermaltake Volcano 12, 3.3 is insane

just wondering what a 3000+ Barton Mobile is about, and where these 3,
3.3 Ghtz
#'s are comming from,

Name of the site is banter eh?



Re: ?'s with AMD XP-M 3000+ Barton

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005 04:13:02 +0100, IrishGI

Quoted text here. Click to load it

firstly, 11x400=4400, etc.
a 3000 mobile is intended to run at 16.5x133 [=2200ish], but as you've
increased the fsb to 200 the calculation is obviously going to show a
larger result [16.5x200=3300].

dr ratt

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?'s with AMD XP-M 3000+ Barton

Ohhhh ok,,

I understand,

so in laymens terms,

the majority of programs which determine max CPU speeds stick with the
multiplier, like mine being 16.5,not the actual

upped the FSB to 200 and upped the max speed in programs assuming the
was still 16.5*200 = the 3.3 gottit,

now this is a bit more elementary, but to get the CPU to around 2.2
Ghtz I HAD
to up the FSB to 200, and lower the multiplier below 12,
because anything over a
multiplier of 12 cuts in half and at 16.5/133
the multiplier was working at 8.__
Vs. 16.5 as a multiplier.

Honestly, I really don't understand if it icould be the voltage of my
the multiplier, or the fact maybe only mobiles run multipliers
over 12, and I've
got it on an ATX Mobo., heck I don't know, can't run
multipliers over 12 though,,

Yea, course I understand the wire-trick to get higher multipliers in
any AMD
Cpu, been there done that, the start of the reason I got a
mobile, but the wire
trick really does is up the Vcore right? - and
knocks out any possible
multiplier under 12? I've has sucess with that
wire trick, but, the computer is
of my building, and is treated like
the dishwasher, and appliance which is
missed when it doesn't run
perfectly. My Bios settings for the Multiplier will
say (16.5/8) as one
option, but even with a Mobile processor, it defults to the
lowest, like
8. I've got an Asus A7N8X-E deluxe W/ Nforce2 Ultra 400 chipset.
only used the wire trick on a different machine that I cared little
for to experiment with bridge cutting on CPU's to unlock AMD

ahh, just thought of it..........

you do understand by 400 I meant a FSB setting of 400, but the bios
setting @
200 to get 400, get it?

so really all those calcs and temps above are actually 200, but I
put 400
because the FSB was running @ 400 ... yadda, yadda.........
11*200=2.2 ......
but its a FSB speed of 400 ....
thought it was obvious because I am running a 3000+, and no 3000+ would
capable of running then at what an auctual FSB setting of 800@ 4.4,
dude? :),,,

hey I didn't build the darn things..... :)

Thanks for the quick reply!!


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