Rock-Solid MB for AMD 64 X2 6000 or 6400+? Not looking to 'clock' ...

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I am looking to build a new PS around an AMD 64 X2 6000 or a "Black" 6400+.
I am NOT looking to 'clock it. Stop rolling your eyes; not everyone is not,
what I call, an eXtreme power user. =P So, I am looking for a real nice,
reasonably priced, 'rock-solid' 'board. Asus, Abit, Soltek, etc? Preferably,
for a likely retarded reason, I am not interested in Gigabyte's (sp.?)
products. Long story ... just will not 'do' again ...

In addition, NO SLIs, or CrossFire's, for that matter. I will find a nice
ATI board that will run my rather minimal gaming 'stuff'. 'Coaster
Tycoon(s), MS Flight Sim(s) [from 2k to '03 to present, Counter-Strike, &
HL1 & HL: Orange Box. I know some of you are wondering what am I doing NOT
looking for MAX graphics "what-not" ... I have done a 'lil research, & have
a really, rather firm grasp on the unnecessary need for more than 1 card (In
my instance).

That being that, any additional ideas on an ATI (NON TV tuner) card?

I will also be running 2 Barracuda SATA3 500's & a SATA DVD-ROM & SATA
DVD-+-RW ('media burner', the whole shooting match from DVD-RAM to CD-R &
RWs). Therefore, I, obviously, need @ least 4 on-board SATA 'ports' /
'interfaces' (?).

ANYTHING that anyone could recommend, or add, would be extremely appreciated

As always, 'til the next time,

Sniper (Jason)



BTW: I will be 'cross-posting', I hope this will not jam up your various
threads ...


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