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            Reviewed by: r0nnaD on Sep 17, 2005 Rating:

            Experience: 5 Weeks

     Strengths: *Ideal for gaming (fast) *Many features (lots of
connectivity options) *Stable *PCI-Express and SLI Support

     Weaknesses: *Loud chipset fan that can fail within weeks

     Summary: This is on paper a very good motherboard overall. It's fast,
stable, and runs games very nicely indeed. It has lots of features (8 SATA
connectors, supports up to 8 USB 2.0 ports, quality onboard sound, 2 Gigabit
Ethernet ports, etc...).

      I can't comment on how well the SLI feature works because I don't have
two graphics cards (yet). The motherboard is quite nicely laid out and
doesn't really seem to have any irritating capacitor placements or other
obstructions that plague many motherboards.

      I have had mine for about 5 weeks or so now. The Chipset fan has
always been noisy; however after about two weeks, I started noticing a faint
buzzing/rattling noise. I checked my system over and confirmed it was the
Chipset fan making the noise. Over time, the intermittent fan noise has been
getting worse, and the speed has been dropping.

      The fan hasn't stopped *yet* but from reading many dire reports of
this problem on the web, I don't hold out much hope of it lasting more than
another 2-3 weeks.

      It appears even ASUS are aware of the problem, because they instantly
agree to send a newer design of replacement fan to anyone with the problem
(although it can take weeks for anyone to receive one, and even then you run
the risk of damaging the motherboard whilst replacing the heatsink/fan).

      Overall, I would not recommend this motherboard to anyone simply
because the chipset fan is so unreliable.

      You'd be best off either buying this motherboard and immediately
replacing the heatsink/fan on the chipset with a 3rd party solution, or go
for the slightly more expensive A8N-SLI Premium, which dispenses with the
chipset cooling solution for a heatpipe design.

found on product finder. Note the recommendation of the A8N-SLI
Premium MB from asus.

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