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I updated the bios on my  asrock k8 upgrade
... ... board to the
version and now i can't overclock and its ****ing me off I duno
if it matters
but I have a AMD sempron 2800+ 1.6 ghz prossesor 768 megs
of samsung ram and a
geforce 5500 grafics card and a 320 gig maxtor sata
harddrive doubt it matters
but i figured id put it in just incase and i
was wondering if there is any way
to wipe the bios and put the original
back on thanks


Re: restore default bios

devin1100 wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
you should be able to flash it back to the old bios the same way you
installed the new one.  Hopefully you backed up your old bios or are
able to download it from the manufacturer.

-DYlan C

Re: restore default bios

devin1100 wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Some BIOS tools only deliver a warning that the user is attempting
to update with an older BIOS. Other tools prevent the user from
succeeding (but there could be an override in the interface).

Checking around, it looks like the Asrock flashing tool, is actually
the AMI flashing tool. You could try playing with this one, and
see if the options offered are the same. I tried looking at
both the Asrock (ASRFLASH) and the AMI versions, and I don't see
any options for forcing a flash as such. Note that this AMI
download offered, is older than the tool that Asrock is offering. (8.27.41)

I can see this message in the code:

Warning:The BIOS file is older than the current system BIOS

Since that is a "Warning" and not an "Error", it should
allow the flash operation to proceed. What exact response are
you getting when you try to flash the old version ?


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