REQ: Need recommendation for 2 x 1gig (2gig) DDR for Epox 9NDA3+

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Hi all

Gonna have to RMA the Mushkin XP4400 TCCD modules. They just don't
work at any rated speed on the Epox 9NDA3+ with any combination of
timings. Errors galore booting to a MemTest floppy. Back they go to
newegg. Reboots every couple of days during heavy load.

Can anyone recommend a good pair of 1gig modules for 2gig total DDR. I
need someone who has actually used these on the Epox.



BTW, my cheapo Kingston mis-matched PC3200 (2x512) works just fine at
225 HTT @   2.5-3-3-7  2t cmd, go figga

Re: REQ: Need recommendation for 2 x 1gig (2gig) DDR for Epox 9NDA3+

MHz Tweaker wrote:

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Are you sure the memory is bad?

I thought I had a problem with my memory until I discovered that they
like higher than normal voltage supplied to them. The default is 2.6v
but my OCZ likes 2.8v to run at SPD speeds, and 2.9v to run properly at
2-2-2-5 timings.

Check with the manufacturer to see if the voltage is too low first.

Also make sure the memory is getting some air movement over them to keep
them cool. While the stock cooler was ok, the Zalman 9500 I have draws
lots of air over the RAM modules and keeps them much cooler than they
were before.

Re: REQ: Need recommendation for 2 x 1gig (2gig) DDR for Epox 9NDA3+

I always recommend Corsair memory. Corsair is the best in my opinion
when it comes to high quality, good overclocking, stability, and
Companies like Mushkin or OCZ are always releasing very good memory
that really pushes the envelope, but thery require a good board (much
better than an EPOX) and a good processor to get the most out of
them........DFI comes to mind.
However, you rarely see any boards have problems with Corsair memory.
Come check out my site and myy forums, always happy to help

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