Removing heatsink from A64

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I had to remove the AMD heatsink from an Ath64 in the past as part of an
RMD on a motherboard only to have the chip stuck firmly to the heatsink.
  This resulted in pulling the chip out of the socket under force.  I
was lucky that the CPU still worked after than kind of stress.

I'd rather not repeat that exercise.

I have an A8V Deluxe with an Ath64 3000 Venice that I'd like to upgrade
to an Ath64 3700 San Diego.  The processor and heatsink have been
together for almost a year.  I don't want to break the Venice or damage
the motherboard when I remove the heatsink and CPU.

Any recommendations?

Re: Removing heatsink from A64

Cal Vanize skrev:
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hehe...i had to pull mine straight up! the cpu REALLY bonded with the hs! after
30minutes in
the oven i managed to twist it loose! (third attempt, hs was hot!)

never gonna use any preapplied tim/stuff, ever!

recommend a hairdrier...


Re: Removing heatsink from A64

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Yup. If possible, give the heatsink a twist to the left and right to
break the seal before pulling it off.



Re: Removing heatsink from A64

Heat up the CPU with a long Prime95 run, or if that's not enough heat
up the heatsink with a hairdryer as well (with the system off, of


Re: Removing heatsink from A64

Just unhook and give the heatsink a L-R (or R - L if prefered!)) twist 1st.
Nothing else to it.

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