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Does S.M.A.R.T. offer any protection for a failing hard drive in a Raid 0

Re: Raid 0

I mat be mistaken but I think S.M.A.R.T doesn't work
on RAID 0

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Re: Raid 0

James S. wrote:
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Not on my machine with VIA sata raid anyway.


Re: Raid 0

SMART and RAID0 are two seperate technologies, and are not dependant
on one

Think of the "0" in RAID0 ad the amount of redundancy if a drive
fails, where as a RAID1 has a 1:1 mirror, offering full redundancy.

built into most drives today, and allows it to monitor itself
for potential
errors.  You just need a program to poll and extract
that information from the
drives IF you want some type of alert, that
is, unless the hardware the drives
are connected to does that for you.

Speedfan has a SMART tab, showing all of
the information from any of
the drives connected to your system that has SMART
built into it.

Hope that shed's a little more light on the two.

 - tom

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