Quite Socket A Cooler Fans badly needed

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Some of my builds from the past couple of years are coming in for
maintenance.  Most of them are Socket A T'breds and Durons.  The most common
hardware problem, of course, is clogged cpu cooler fans, and many of the
fans are damaged from the stress.  I need to replace them with something
effective and preferably very, very quiet.  Oftentimes I used OEM cpu's and
purchased the heatsinks and fans separately.  Sometimes the fans were quiet,
other times they sound like small jet engines.  Can anyone recommend a good
replacement fan they've had direct experience with, something in the
66x60x10mm range?

Thank you,


Re: Quite Socket A Cooler Fans badly needed

JM skrev:
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zalman 9500, silent and awesome cooling!


Re: Quite Socket A Cooler Fans badly needed

On Sat, 21 Jan 2006 04:49:49 +0000, JM wrote:

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Just replace the cooler. Cheaper, easier, better. TR2-M3 $8. No way a
60x10mm fan will be quiet and push enough air to cool good. Here you go,
$6.99. Your customers will love their cooler, much quieter machines.


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Re: Quite Socket A Cooler Fans badly needed

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Thank you for the response.

I've used that unit scores of times, and normally I wouldn't hesitate to use
it again.  However, it just so happens that 3 computers I have in now are
micro-ATX desktop form factors running Duron 1.3 chips.  There simply isn't
room for anything larger than 60mm.  The cpu socket on these boards is too
close to the power supply.

For what it's worth, my earlier "10mm" spec was a brain failure.  10mm is
what I'm trying to get away from.  What I want is something in the 20mm-30mm
height range, such as came with the retail 2500 Barton chips.  AMD included
some really nice coolers and fans with those chips - decently effective and
very quiet.  I had one on hand and borrowed the fan from it for one of these
computers, and the result is excellent.  The temps are good (I've never had
heat problems with these chips even with the 10mm fans) and the computer is
now almost dead silent.

I can spec the fans on Newegg, et al, but I was hoping someone here had
direct experience with the same thing and could attest to the quality and
quietness.  I wish I could use that Thermaltake mentioned.  That's the best
value around.



Re: Quite Socket A Cooler Fans badly needed

MicroATX boxes are fine, but don't use the kind that have the PSU hanging
right over the cpu.


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