Question about fan strength

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I have 2, 120mm fans cooling my sytem.  One fan is weaker than the other.
Should the weaker fan be in the front intake or the rear exhaust?


Re: Question about fan strength

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Not a technical answer, but I'd have the more powerful one in the front
pushing air into the system...  My reasoning is:
1) You most definitely have a fan on your power supply, thus making up the
difference, if not more so, and
2) I'd rather have a slight pressurization inside the case, as opposed to a
slight vacuum.  A vacuum sucks air in through every crack and opening in the
case, thus building up dust everywhere (around CD/DVD drives, inside the
floppy drive, you get the idea), where as a pressurization would push the
air out of every crack and opening, and generally not allowing for such a
large build-up of dust to accumulate everywhere...  Don't take that as
indicating a cleaner case, however, as that won't happen; it just makes the
dust stick to fewer place on the case and equipment, thus facilitating
easier clean-up when the time comes...

My opinion, take it or leave it...

Re: Question about fan strength

On Thu, 25 May 2006 14:08:30 +0000, Teh Suck wrote:

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Assuming you also have a PSU exhaust fan, the weaker should be the exhaust.

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