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The door opened. Miranda popped her head in. She's back, she mouthed.
Chapter Six
This melding isn't easy -- it requires the Yherajk in question to surrender
their will and allow another entity, another soul, to mingle freely with its
 own. This other soul surrenders to you and you to it -- complete communion.
 But with the ultimate risk: a Yherajk's defenses are down -- the other Yher
ajk, if it has been insincere in the joining, can attack the other's persona
lity and destroy it, replacing it totally with its own. This is a "soul deat
h," and causing it to happen is the worst crime a Yherajk can commit against
 another Yherajk. A large part of the reluctance of the Yherajk to speak abo
ut their reproduction comes from its potential to change in an instant from
an act of perfect union to one of the ultimate rape.

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