Please help with A64 / video card problem

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I know this is OT to some degree, but people here have so much experience
with AMD cpu's that I thought someone might help with this issue.

A client bought an HP/Compaq computer, and I cannot make an eVga/Nvidia 6800
work correctly in it.  The setup:
The computer is a Compaq sr1463cl desktop.
SIS chip mobo / integrated S3 graphics
AMD Athlon 64 3300+ cpu (an OEM chip for HP only)
512mb PC3200 RAM
160gb 7200 rpm Seagate hard drive

I put the 6800 in and it works fine until I play a game or run a benchmark
like 3DMark03 - garbage all over the screen, blank background, missing
images, models, etc.  The game I tried is the COD2 demo, which runs
flawlessly on my homebuilt computer with the same (literally the same) video

Troubleshooting things I've tried:

Two different Nvidia drivers (78.xx and 77.xx)
Different RAM
Different power supply
I've removed drivers using Driver Clean and started over 3-4 times
I've changed hardware acceleration
I've changed settings in the Nvidia control panel, such as application vs
manual control of AA/AF

I then put the 6800 back in my computer (A64 3000+ / Nforce 3 chip) and the
card ran fine.  I put an ATI 9800Pro in the Compaq and it ran everything

Something's amiss with the 6800 / Compaq combo.  I suspect it has something
to do with the SIS chipset, but I'm not sure.

All ideas welcome and appreciated.

Thank you,


Re: Please help with A64 / video card problem

try re-installing the chipset drivers for the mainboard...mainly the GART
driver...had a similar issue with an Asus A8V-deluxe m/b a few weeks
ago...was corrupted VIA drivers after the change. May or may not be your
problem but is a starting point.

Re: Please help with A64 / video card problem

thank you for the suggestion.  i appreciate it.

it turned out to be a bios update.  got the lates bios from compaq and all
is well.

thanks again.


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Re: Please help with A64 / video card problem

How's the power supply on that HP? Big OEM's like Dell and HP somehow get
away with using weak power supplies. Do you have the extra ppower on the
card connected? If so,make sure the vid card is the only item on that power
When you play a 3D game the power consumption spikes and your game freezes.
Happened to me when my CDRW woud spin up,my game would freeze.

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Re: Please help with A64 / video card problem

Sorry,missed the last post.

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Re: Please help with A64 / video card problem

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 Not specifically to you, but to all.

 Big OEMs get away with using lower wattage <notice I didn't say weak>
power supplies buy ordering power supplies to meet their design
specifications. The PCs their selling aren't intended to be upgraded
more than maybe some extra memory and the addition of a cd or dvd
burner. Those OEM power supplies are adequate to cover any extras the
oem may put in there, not what the end customer may wish to put in
there. This why, unless you never contemplating only simple tasks, you
build your own pc, and lacking that knowlege, have it built to your
specification, preferably by a local, reliable, whitebox builder.


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