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Hi all,

Sorry not sure if right for this forum but assume you guys will have the
technical kmnowledge.

If I install a pc game on a USB external hard drive will I be able to take
the hard drive away and use it on other machines and play the game?

I've pondered this and am not sure - the other pc/laptop will be same os.


Re: Please advise

Since your system has to be configured to run certain software, it will most
likely not work to only move the folder with the software to another pc.

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Re: Please advise

Gift says...
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Nowadays less and less likely. Depends entirely on the game. Many write
to the User Profile and the Registry.


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Re: Please advise

I don't know why it would'nt
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You would have to plug the hard drive into the other system, then install
the game, pointing the installation to where you have the game installed on
the usb drive.

Re: Please advise

Then there's the problem with save games etc

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