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hey guys, i finally discovered the secret to o/c'ing my system.(bios update,
lol) anyways my cheapo gigabyte board is running stable at 184 fsb for my oc
of 2038 mhz on my sempron 2600. Currently my agp/pci bus speeds are 73/36
and the systems pretty much as stable as they go, how much further do you
think i could go, i plan to later get an abit an 7, to get the best out of
the cpu, plus get some other features like firewire, soundstorm etc. but for
now i'm skint.

and in my bios i get cpu temps of around 55c idle (got a arctic cooler hsf),
but speed fan reads them 10c lower, plus the system temps are the same in
both. which should i believe?

Thanks again

2600+Sempron (O/C @2800)
512Mb DDR 400
9600 pro 128 (O/C @ 425/540)
Gigabyte 7VT600P-RZ mobo with 400mhz fsb
Raidmax cobra case with 420w psu
Dual 12" Blue CCFL
Blue LED fans
Arctic Cooler Copper 2L
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Re: pci/agp max

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005 23:41:46 +0000, Veritech wrote:

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You should be able to get 2200MHz with a 200Mhz FSB (thinking the
mutiplier is 11 on that Sempron).

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Bios readings are not idle. But 10C difference sounds like too much for
bios to OS idle.You need to set the fan speed to high.

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Re: pci/agp max

i got it on medium at the min, around 2400 rpm. I've got 4 case fans but all
but 1(120mm intake) are off cause it was too dam noisey. I would get a fan
controller, but my case has a door, and i want to be able to turn the fans
completely off for when i'm word processing. I plan to build my own
controller when i get a soldering iron, but for now its all or nothing. And
those bios temps were after a restart when the system had been on for
several hours, so its not a "cold boot". Plus its the same temp i get in the
motherboard manufacturers app(easytuner).


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