PC won't boot. PSU suspected

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I put a rebuilt PC back in service before I went on vacation, but came back
to a non booting PC. It makes a thunking/clicking  noise when first turned
on and freezes about half way through the boot screen. It makes the normal
single beep when booting. I was considering buying one of those PSU testers,
but since I can get into the BIOS I decided to check out the MB readings.
They are 1.26, 3.26, 4.84 and 11.89. The 5V seems a little low, but I don't
know how accurate these MB readings are and I doubt 3% is enough to matter.
But it's not telling me how many amps are being supplied or how clean the
power is. Everything in the BIOS looks OK (time, date drives, CPU, etc). I
pulled the boot drive and put it in another PC and it checks out OK.

Any thoughts, PSU, Video, BIOS?

MB is an A8N SLI Premium.

Re: PC won't boot. PSU suspected

Is the psu fan spinning?
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Re: PC won't boot. PSU suspected

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Yeah, there's a good breeze coming out of the PSU. It's a Seasonic less than
two years old.

I removed all the cards and disconnected everything except the boot drive,
but it still freezes midway through the boot screen. I guess I'll try
another video card next and try to find some different RAM. I suppose it
could be the BIOS, but I'm not getting checksum errors and I can navigate
all the screens fine. I'll likely pull the board too, in the event it's a
short in the case somewhere.

Re: PC won't boot. PSU suspected

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Turned out to be bad memory. Pulled one stick and the PC boots right up.
Replacing the good stick with the  bad stick and windows crashes with
corrupt files. So I'm pretrty sure it's the memory and not the board.

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