PC keeps shutting down? random problem?

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Hi folks...

One of my pc's has (over the last couple of weeks) developed the habit
of randomly locking up/shutting down.

The pc shuts itself down and goes into some sort of hibernation mode?
The power LED on the case flashes but nothing works, screen shuts down,
hard disk stops, everything appears to be dead, but the case LED light

I have to press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds before
the pc shuts off properly (the light stops flashing and goes out). Then
I can re-boot and the pc will restart as normal.

I've checked to ensure that there is no power saving mode enabled and
afaik there is none (in control panel and in the bios).

I've done a virus check and nothing is found, and I've also tried
Ad-Aware and Spybot and nothing appears, so I do not think its a
virus/worm, etc.

The pc shuts down after about half an hour, but the time varies and it
can be 10 minutes or up to an hour before this happens, but using M/B
monitor I don't see any rise in temps prior to the shutdown.

It does not appear to matter what program is running prior to the
problem, or even if the pc is just sitting there doing nothing.

I've renewed the cpu fan with a new one anyway just in case, but that
made no difference, still the random shutdown's...

The PC Hardware is as follows:

Athlon 1.3Gb Duron based pc (home built).
512Mb pc133 SDram.
Asus A7V m/b.
X6 Toshiba DVD (32x CD) drive.
15Gb IBM HD & 80Gb Seagate HD
64Mb NVidia Ti200 GeForce3 AGP card
Hercules Fortissimo 2 PCI sound card.
PCI network card.
17" SVGA Monitor.
HP mono laser printer attached via usb.

And I'm using (up to date) McAfee anti virus/firewall and Win98 (SE)
with all latest McAfee & MS updates.

I've had no major hardware upgrades lately, last one was a new HD last
year, and the pc worked fine after this.

I've had no major software installs lately either, so I'm scratching my
head as to what might be causing this?

I'd be grateful for any ideas....


Re: PC keeps shutting down? random problem?


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Failing electrolytic capacitors on the motherboard or a failing power supply
sound like a potential avenue of investigation to me. You may be able to
detect bad caps with no more than a visual inspection for bulges and/or
leaking electrolyte.

Re: PC keeps shutting down? random problem?

P G Wrote:
> Hi folks...
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Power supply?

Stephen Bowden

Re: PC keeps shutting down? random problem?

Try a memory test software to check the RAM.

Also, borrow a spare power supply to see if the problem disappear.

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