Passive cooling nforce3 chipset?

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So I have an MSI K8N Neo2-F 939 MB with a Venice core A64 3200 at
240x10.  Can I safely use a passive solution such as a tall Zalman
heatsink in place of the somewhat noisy active HSF unit on the chipset
or am I asking for trouble?

Re: Passive cooling nforce3 chipset?

ChrisR wrote:
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I don't see why not.  Some of Gigabyte's nf3 mobos use smaller heatsinks
  for passive cooling.  My own mobo (a k8ns-ultra 939) has a rather loud
fan I'd like to switch to a passive cooling solution as the fan is much
louder than my Zalman CN7700al-cu fan!  The only thing is Zalmans
passive northbridge cooler won't work as well for me because of the
northbridge being right in line with the first two PCI slots, one of
which my PCI Radeon 7500 AIW card is in.  I'm going to go with a
homefabbed heatpipe/spreader for my northbridge instead.  After I do,
this thing will be as quiet as a G5 Mac.


Re: Passive cooling nforce3 chipset?

Rick M. wrote:
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Hmm, ok thanks for that.  Searching around I get the impression that
people are not to sure if the chipset will remain stable under passive
cooling.  I might give it a go and monitor it very carefully to see what

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