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Not sure if i  have a overheating processor or not.
My set up is;
AMD Athlon xp1900 set at 12 x 133 (1597hz) vcore 1.85v.
akasa 3200+ rated heatsink and fan. Thermaltake paste between heatsink and

My motherboard monitor tells me that the cpu temp is 55 deg c when idle, and
the system temp is 35 deg c
The system is stable and i have tried several different size fans and
adaptors to lower the temp, all to no difference.

Surely With an overrated heatsink/fan assy these temps are either reported
wrongly by the motherboard (gigabyte) or there is a genuine problem.

Any advice would be most welcome.

TIA, Dave

Re: Overheating???

dave wrote:
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What motherboard?

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This question gets asked a couple of times a week.

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Two things:
1) Idle temperatures don't matter a great deal. When idling, both the
chances of an error occuring are small (due to the low temperature) and the
impact of the error is usually not major.
2) Absolute temperatures don't matter. There is a huge variation (I've seen
30 deg C) between boards and BIOSes, so unless you have made your own
calibrated temperature monitor you really don't have any idea what the CPU
temperature is. Likewise, you cannot compare your temperature to anyone
else's (so there is no "maximum safe temperature" like 50 deg C).

As long as you haven't significantly increased the voltage (over 10%, or
thereabouts), then if the CPU is Prime95 stable (for a reasonable number of
hours, I usually run for 24+ though 10 should be fine) it's not being
damaged by excess heat.
{==== end standard response ====}

Michael Brown
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Re: Overheating???

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Hm.  That makes it mighty tough to know if you're toasting your CPU.

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I'm not an overclocker -- I just use my PC for work and I'm trying to
tame the noise it makes, without frying the CPU.

I have an XP1800+ on an Asus A7V266E.  Running standard voltage and
speed.  I replaced the original noisy fan/cooler with a Swiftech MCX462+
cooler and an Enermax fan.  It ran quieter than the banshee that came
with the Asus, but still ran in the mid 50C range -- about the same as
the old cooler.  I expected better -- SystemCooling.com said the MCX462+
cooled their test system to the mid-high 30's C -- but at least it was

The case also has a fan that blows into the case, and a diverter that
directs that fan's air directly onto the CPU.  The case fan and CPU fan
are blowing the same direction so they're not fighting.  But the case fan
is really noisy and getting noisier, so I wondered if I could get away
without it, especially if I left the case open.

Unplugging the case fan (and removing the diverter) raises the reported
CPU temp from 54C to 63C (idle).  Closing the case (so only the Enermax
power supply is exhausting air from the case) ups it to 67C.  Case temp
has barely budged, to 36C.  It's a LOT quieter without the case fan.  

Given that I'm not overclocking or otherwise stressing the CPU, should
this be safe?  Or do I have to run Prime95 on it overnight to be sure?  
This is an office PC, not a gamer or similar, so I virtually never run
the CPU flat-out for extended periods.


Re: Overheating???

On Wed, 07 Sep 2005 15:14:37 +0000, dave wrote:

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Why do you have vcore at 1.85v. If it's a Palomino core 1900+ then default
voltage is 1.75v, and 1.65v or less if it's a tbred core. Lowering vcore
to default should make a lot of difference. Considering 1.85v vcore and a
35C case temp, the temps look close to normal. A better cooler might lower
the temps some. What model number Akasa do you have?

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Re: Overheating???

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Cases have to breathe to provide adequate air the CPU.  Do you have any case
fans installed?  You need an exhaust fan on the rear of the case at least.

Dave (another one)

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