overclocking with phase change

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What sort of overclocks would one expect using a amd 4400 x 2 and a phase
change cooler?  Someone has offered me one quite cheaply but have never
overclocked using one.

Current setup

amd 4400x2 @ 2695 HTT x4 FSB 245 x 11stock voltage
2 x 1gc Ballistix pc4000 ddr 2.5-3-3-7 (1T)
ati x1900xtx 512mb 680/1600
msi k8n-sli diamond (NF4)
Enermax 550w PSU
Water Cooled

Re: overclocking with phase change

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Say the phase change unit was free. Would listening to the phase
change all the time be pleasant ? Are you planning on setting
a world's record with the setup ?

If you are on water, your system is stable with your overclock,
what more could you want ? Would an extra 100MHz or 200Mhz core
be noticable ?

There are some phase change people living here. The experiences
here will give you some idea how much maintenance is required on
phase, such as broken heads, need to recharge refrigerant etc.
No question, there are some cool rigs here, like a custom
designed unit with three heads (2 GPU, 1 CPU), that cools to
-100C, but would a system like that be practical in any sense ?
Could you stand to listen to it, while you game for a couple
hours ?


I want a system I can leave running, and leave the room without
worrying what I'll find when I get back.

4400+ running at 2.8GHz on a Mach II.

Benchmark threads can show you some people's hardware
configs as well. If you spend a few hours on this
site, you are bound to get an answer.


Water just seems so much more practical by comparison.


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