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Overclocking Sempron 2400 with KT600 chipset

Wes Newell Wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Apr 2005 20:09:47 +0100, Stephen Bowden wrote:
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The Sempron's multiplier is locked at X10. But you're right about the
PCI clock
and AGP bus. At 185MHz cpu clock (1.85GHz) the system crashed

running prime95 torture test when I attempted to play realplayer at the
How do you overcome the PCI/AGP problem? I know there are people
semprons at 2GHz(200MHz clock) on KT600 boards using an increased

At 183MHz the system seems OK although I was having lock-ups using a
PCI sound
board. Am at present using on-board sound. I have still not
increased the Vcore.

Thanks for the comments.

Stephen Bowden

Re: Overclocking Sempron 2400 with KT600 chipset

On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 06:51:10 +0100, Stephen Bowden wrote:

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Setting the FSB to 200 MHz will set the pci clock divider to 6 so the pci
clock will be 33MHz. Or your board may have to be set for it in the bios.
Options are usually 4:2:1, 5:2:1, and 6:2:1 for manual settings, but it
may show it some other way.

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My original reply had me mistakenly thinking you had a 2400+ XP (15x
multiplier) instead of the Sempron with 10x, so their shouldn't be a
problem raising FSB to 200MHz assuming your ram settings are correct. You
will probably need at least 1.60v vcore and I'd go ahead and set it to
1.65v (default for 2000MHz XP's). If you have PC3200 ram you should be
able to use a 1:1 ratio. If you have slower ram, you may have to adjust
ram settings to keep the ram bus speed and CL to match your ram.
Once you get it running properly at 200MHZ FSB, you might want to try for
more. You should be able to get at least 215MHz before the pci clock
starts causing problems, but you'll probably also have to adjust vcore and
ram settings again.

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